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After a chance meeting between two hobby cider makers in 2015, and a couple of years of geeking out together, Eric and Martin joined forces to create Abandoned Hard Cider.

Martin & Eric

Eric Childs, the "Fermentation Guy" is the founder of KBBK Kombucha Brooklyn. He is the co-author of Kombucha! The Amazing Probiotic Drink that Heals and Energies and Fermentation and Home Brewing. Considered a master blender as well as a super-taster, Eric is a Chinese tea specialist and holds a degree in wine education from the International Wine Center.
Martin Bernstein, the "Apple Guy" is a modern-day Johnny Appleseed, collecting rare and unique apple genetics from across the country in his quest to find and breed the finest cider apple varieties. With an orchard full of odd and ugly apples, and several nurseries full of seedlings, Martin has his hands full of apples and apple trees at all times throughout the year.
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